Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My bus runneth over

Music has saved my life, and it's let me down. More often than not, it's gotten me through some tough times. 2016 has been one of those tough times. Music has always been an escape for me. It's taken me places I never thought I'd go. I've seen things I'd never thought I'd see.

I've said it before. Viewing the film Urgh! A Music War for the first time was one of those 'Music saved my life' moments. Without it, my life would be vastly different. Adrift in a sea of conformity, miles from the nearest shore, Urgh! showed me that there was something else on the horizon. It showed me there are Others out there. I'm not alone.

Lately, music hasn't helped. Movies haven't helped. Certainly the boxes of snack cakes haven't helped. The only thing that helps is the refresh button on the social media platform.

I press the button over and over in stark terror. I read the words. I go down the rabbit hole. I don't emerge.

It's illogical. Even when I say, "I'm not getting on the social media platform", I somehow find myself on it, and the next thing you know, I'm reading an article on the roots of Italian fascism, my face clenched in a knot, my fist in a bag of chocolate mini donuts.

I am an addict, and I'm addicted to current events. My particular brand is politics. Articles on the  spread of fascism is my weakness. I've let everything go. I'm struggling, and there is no cure.

It's fine. I'll just close out my tabs, and turn up the volume.


Whew, am I glad I got that off my chest! I feel a bit better.

BTW, between posting that Motorhead video and writing that sentence, I checked Facebook and nearly read another article on fascism. Baby steps, I guess.