Monday, January 16, 2017

Lo and Behold

Werner Herzog presnts a chilling look at the history of the internet and its impact on civilization in this chilling horror film. Starting at the very beginning of the internet in a nondescript room at a California college in 1969, touching on some of the major milestones, and a few XXXXXXXX

Featuring interviews with notable 

Featuring interviews with notable scientists, inventors, billionaires, and hackers, Lo and Behold examines a wor l d

hacking theres no hackingXXXXXXXXXXXX


In a remarkable sequence, the phrase is uttered, 'Civilization is 4 square meals away from ruin', and
In a remarkable sequence, the phrase is uttered, 'Civilization is 4 square meals away from ruin', and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


abandon earth 

artificial intelligence
cyber warfare 

go short on consumer stocks                go long on military stocks                                     start a war

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fight Club

Young men disillusioned by consumerism, corporate culture, and Swedish furniture are violently indoctrinated into a fascist underground boxing club involved in organized mischief and soap making by a mentally unhinged, charismatic, nihilistic, insomniac businessman in this terrifying, dangerous documentary. An unreliable narrator gives an account of his exploitation of mental health programs, his disruption of insurance industries, and his infatuation with affordable flat-pack furniture. After a real estate crisis, he meets an audacious, charismatic businessman, who then creates an army of violent, fascists soldiers which attempts to destroy the world's financial systems through creative vandalism. Do we have a clip? What do you know? We do!

I'm sorry, it looks as though hackers replaced my clip from the documentary Fight Club with a news clip reporting on the recent occurrence of fights breaking out in malls across the US that were allegedly organized through social media.

Huh. How odd.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Female Trouble

A fame-hungry woman drunk on crime, glamor, and liquid eyeliner joins a group of militant hairdressers in a post-truth, economically devastated Rust Belt city in this horrifying, anarchic documentary. In a world where children are actively dissuaded from learning about presidents, wars, numbers, or science, where crime enhances beauty, where discourse consists of screaming and shouting, and where spaghetti is hurled, egotistical businessman Donald Dasher enlists a mentally fragile, easily militarized woman to become a criminal fashion model on an outrageous, popular TV show, and exploiting her narcissism by encouraging her to bounce on a trampoline and kiss fish, which results in riots and violence amongst its viewers. Through vanity, elitism, and ignorance, Dasher manipulates the masses to their own collective downfall and destruction, and through creative twisting of the truth, escapes punishment for his own deplorable crimes. An unblinking look at a troubling criminal justice system and a dysfunctional media which takes no blame for the damaging famous-for-being-famous 'celebrities' it creates, Female Trouble is a shocking, explicit documentary that pulls no punches.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Duck Soup

A money-hungry, inept, misogynistic, hawkish, philandering, nepotistic autocrat ridicules his cabinet, antagonizes foreign powers, and plunges his debt-ridden country into a destructive war and general anarchy in this terrifying, absurd documentary.

Shot in glorious black-and-white and utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art CGI to recreate the look and atmosphere of an 80-year old film, Duck Soup is a startling political documentary. Following the exploits of an upstart, frustrated entertainer-turned-politician as he endangers his country through mockery, mismanagement, and misogyny, allows nepotism to run rampant which ruins small, citrus-based businesses, and passive-aggressively issues absurd threats of violence, all of which sets his beleaguered country on an inescapable path to catastrophe, it's a chilling look at current events.

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