Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fight Club

Young men disillusioned by consumerism, corporate culture, and Swedish furniture are violently indoctrinated into a fascist underground boxing club involved in organized mischief and soap making by a mentally unhinged, charismatic, nihilistic, insomniac businessman in this terrifying, dangerous documentary. An unreliable narrator gives an account of his exploitation of mental health programs, his disruption of insurance industries, and his infatuation with affordable flat-pack furniture. After a real estate crisis, he meets an audacious, charismatic businessman, who then creates an army of violent, fascists soldiers which attempts to destroy the world's financial systems through creative vandalism. Do we have a clip? What do you know? We do!

I'm sorry, it looks as though hackers replaced my clip from the documentary Fight Club with a news clip reporting on the recent occurrence of fights breaking out in malls across the US that were allegedly organized through social media.

Huh. How odd.

ICYMI, I reviewed the Worst Films of 2016 at Cultured Vultures.

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