Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Female Trouble

A fame-hungry woman drunk on crime, glamor, and liquid eyeliner joins a group of militant hairdressers in a post-truth, economically devastated Rust Belt city in this horrifying, anarchic documentary. In a world where children are actively dissuaded from learning about presidents, wars, numbers, or science, where crime enhances beauty, where discourse consists of screaming and shouting, and where spaghetti is hurled, egotistical businessman Donald Dasher enlists a mentally fragile, easily militarized woman to become a criminal fashion model on an outrageous, popular TV show, and exploiting her narcissism by encouraging her to bounce on a trampoline and kiss fish, which results in riots and violence amongst its viewers. Through vanity, elitism, and ignorance, Dasher manipulates the masses to their own collective downfall and destruction, and through creative twisting of the truth, escapes punishment for his own deplorable crimes. An unblinking look at a troubling criminal justice system and a dysfunctional media which takes no blame for the damaging famous-for-being-famous 'celebrities' it creates, Female Trouble is a shocking, explicit documentary that pulls no punches.


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