Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kill Zombie!

A Russian Satellite crashes into a building, starting a zombie apocalypse in this silly horror/comedy.

A guy gets fired, threatened at a pool party, and thrown in jail. After fireballs crash to Earth, the guy, his brother, and the two threatening fellows escape jail, only to find ravenous zombies are shuffling through town. A girl he went on one date with is in danger and keeps calling him asking for help, so needless to say he fights his way back to town to save her.

Borrowing from Shawn Of The Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Die Hard, The Matrix, and Aliens, there's lots of blood, green goo, mangled body parts, severed heads, and a cake and a half. One scene is supposed to be taking place at an abandoned gas station, but cars are visibly traveling on a nearby highway, and the cameraman realizes too late and gets it in the shot, however it could be argued that those are supposed to be people fleeing the city as instead of a continuity error. Speaking of continuity errors, the camera crew and equipment are sometimes visible in reflective surfaces. The zombies featured aren't especially scary, they're more of the average by-stander covered in fake blood type.

Fun fact: trypophobics should avoid Kill Zombie, as there's lots of holes. What's trypophobia, you ask? I wasn't sure myself, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. While not recognized by the DSM, it's the fear of holes, usually on skin, often in irregular patterns or clusters, but sometimes people fear lotus seeds, too.

I was skeptical, and in fact one psychologist said it could come from priming or conditioning. I can honestly say I doubt I've ever been conditioned to feel anxious at the sight of holes. So, I looked it up on Google Images, and that was a mistake. I wouldn't say I'm fearful of these images, but I was surprised by the amount of fascination and revulsion I felt, even with all the photoshop.

I was going to be a real joker and post some of the more cringe-inducing trypophobia photos, but I decided against it. Knowing a little bit about human nature and being very, very lazy, the curiosity will be too much for you, and you'll end up Googling it yourself, so it saves me a bit of time.

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