Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Paranormal Cases

Various tales of eerie stuff occurring in Asia is examined in this speculative paranormal documentary. Consisting of several vignettes of occult rituals, punctuated by awkward interviews, Paranormal Cases is a lurid, grisly documentary. A practitioner of 'menstruation witchcraft' bites the head off a chicken, and mixes its blood with something suspiciously known as 'corpse oil', then the two hosts of the film travel to Corpse Island, scattered with broken dishes, human bones, and open air burials. In the vignette entitled Spirit/Hooking Witchcraft, someone uses a phone app to detect EMFs, and to sense a spirit under a rock, and in the inexplicable and somewhat risqué vignette entitled Romance Witchcraft, prostitutes try to keep their clients returning for business by inserting a tiny metallic ailment under their skin. The hosts briefly visit a shrine for a headless ghost, the Fukushima Reactor, the infamous Suicide Forest, and conduct a Ouija board session trying to locate resentful spirits with grudges. Featuring bad camerawork, bad editing, and corny music, Paranormal Cases is strictly for the die hard paranormal enthusiast who's seen just about everything else.

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