Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Five years after a zombie apocalypse, a military squad 're-kills' reanimated corpses in this Fox News-esque horror film. Presented in a reality TV format complete with commercials, ReKill is the story of post-zombie apocalypse America featuring the fast moving zombies typical of modern zombie films. With the action broken by ads for anti-zombie meds, Procreation For America propaganda, pro-smoking ads because 'you're gonna die anyway', and more ads for a Post-trauma clinic and firearms 'for the children', Re-Kill is reminiscent of daytime television. Featuring a well-choreographed high speed truck chase, lots of interview-style closeups, quick cuts and edits, and twisting, twirling, shaking, jostling nausea cam, the action also resembles a gory role-playing video game. A sequence of dozens of zombies swarm out of the back of a semi-truck was rather effective, culminating in the head of zombie crushed by the gate of the semi. In an homage to Escape From New York, the sub-plot of trucks carrying zombies into The Zone, the walled remnants of New York City, seemed unfortunately familiar. I was entertained by the humorous vignettes entitled 'Survival Stories', personal interest tales of charmed survivors of the first day of the outbreak, who seem a little dumb, prone to violence, and very lucky, as though they were destined for the battle to come. The stunts were also well-done, particularly a sequence with flaming zombies. The nihilism inherent in the subject matter keeps the film somber throughout. I thought I was going to hate Re-Kill, and was pleasantly surprised when I didn't.

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