Thursday, March 2, 2017

De Palma

The career of the filmmaker is examined in this fascinating documentary.

It's De Palma. Just De Palma. OK, maybe a few other notables, but for the most part, it's just him.

Interviewed before a static camera, Brian De Palma candidly revisits his warts-and-all career and personal life. Punctuated by clips from his influential films including Sisters, Phantom Of The Paradise, Carrie, Dressed To Kill, Blow Out, and Body Double, he discusses being influenced by Hitchcock and Godard, and the business of film and the techniques he uses; i.e. split screen, casting, scoring, lighting, editing, blocking, syncing, mixing, scoring, budgeting, and negotiating. It's an advanced class on film in and of itself. Oh, and he charmingly uses the phrase, 'Holy mackerel', about a million times.

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