Monday, July 27, 2015


The BBC does a 'live' paranormal investigation in this controversial reality-horror movie. Pre-dating now commonplace paranormal TV shows like Ghosthunters, Ghost Adventures, and Most Haunted, Ghostwatch is fairly convincing up until the ending, and during its original airing in 1992 caused 30,000 calls in one hour to the BBC from 'irate and frightened viewers', one supposed suicide, and two cases of PTSD ( I found the program being fairly prescient in some ways, terribly dated in others, and not particularly scary.


  1. I wasn't fooled at the time. In fact, I got bored and switched over to BBC2 to see what they had on for "Weird Night" and then came back to it. I'm glad that you've seen it though. The controversy is a quirky bit of horror history.