Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I Am Big Bird

The man inside the bird is profiled in this poignant, bittersweet documentary. The career of Caroll Spiney is outlined in great detail, from the beginning of his career on the Bozo show and throughout his iconic role of Big Bird on Sesame Street. The apparatus used to operate the Big Bird puppet is surprisingly complicated, as Spiney manipulates Big Bird's arms and mouth, walks about blind, all while watching the world outside the suit on a monitor strapped to his chest within the suit. It's amazing to watch.

Featuring many touching moments from Sesame Street, vintage clips shown include the classic episode when Big Bird has to process the death of Mr. Hooper, behind the scenes footage from the groundbreaking film Big Bird In China, and the funeral of Jim Henson, when Big Bird sings "It Isn't Easy Being Green".

Did you know that Big Bird was invited to ride on the Space Shuttle, and barely escaped death as he was too big to ride on the Challenger? Neither did I. Whoa.

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