Friday, October 2, 2015

Spawn Of The Slithis

A radioactive creature preys on winos and housepets in this 1970s low-budget horror film. After some children play some absurd slo-mo frisbee down by the creek, they stumble upon a mutilated dog.  Suddenly, Slithis, an absurd rubber-suited monster that looks like a calamari appetizer on two legs, goes for a breathy walk. It breaks through a screen door and attacks a bickering couple in their home in front of their print of Seurat's A Sunday On La Grande Jatte, and not a moment too soon, and then a cop eats a cough drop. Some dubious science ensues, as someone admires jars filled with dead things floating in murky liquids, and two people play backgammon while a man is attired in a chambray jumpsuit. Suddenly, the Slithis attacks a wino. It's not very interesting. Because the Slithis has graduated from killing housepets to art lovers to winos, the fuzz starts to shake down the local cultists in the area because why not. Then the guy in the chambray jumpsuit dons a straw fedora to discuss $5 wines with the local transients, and even the transients ridicule him. Then he talks with a guy with a melty face who lives in a geodesic dome because why not, then there's a bit of turtle racing. A comically overacting police lieutenant overacts, then a station wagon goes airborne. Spawn Of The Slithis bores, but it's slightly recommended if you like terrible fashion choices or stuff that sucks.

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