Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Castle Project

The restoration of an allegedly haunted Colorado mansion, and the supposed paranormal activity that occurs, is examined in this documentary. Featuring a mummified cat, dust particles, and a nervous dog, the attempt to turn a run-down mansion into a bed-and-breakfast while in the midst of a flurry of supposed paranormal activity is outlined day by day, often with little to show other than the creepy stories of the workers who witnessed it. Concentrating on the claims; the sound of crying children, disembodied voices asking 'Are you there?', former owners telling tales of emptying specimen jars of brains into the sewer, unexplained shadows, gives a sense of authenticity and a couple of chills to the film. The presentation of EVP evidence and footage of flickering lights helps suspend disbelief. Unfortunately, inconsistent sound levels, awkward editing, shaky camerawork, and a disjointed storyline filled out with visits to French chateaus and a preachy ending about Purgatory lowers the overall film to an advert for the soon-to-be-finished B&B. Simultaneously an effective haunted house tale and a less-than-effective episode of This Old (paranormal) House, The Castle Project slowly loses energy throughout its unfocused runtime.

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