Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ghost Attack On Sutton Street

A group of paranormal investigators investigates a market in this dull documentary. Amidst terrible camerawork, awful lighting, intermittent sound problems, and an overbearing, repetitive score that drowns out the endless dialogue, a team of investigators investigates a market that looks suspiciously like generic office space. The team places trigger objects, does a bit of table tipping, and conducts a seance before heading into cramped, well-lit hallways with cameras and FLIR temperature fluctuation detectors. At approximately 51:47, the FLIR operator appears to reach into his pocket and appears to throw an object down a hallway, startling the team, as they claim it was a supernatural occurrence. At 52:42, the same FLIR operator appears to reach out his hand behind him and places it on a wall, then attempts to nonchalantly point his FLIR at the glowing 'paranormal' handprint he discovers. Oddly enough, when something paranormal supposedly happens, the team abruptly leaves the scene.

Dull and ridiculous, Ghost Attack On Sutton Street is scare-free and very, very boring. It's enjoyable if you're mystified by reflections or table legs, or if you love the sound of a glass scraping the top of a table. The picture quality is generally awful, and it often resembles looking at closed circuit TV footage in the least menacing haunted location ever. Even with two camera operators present, the alleged poltergeist activity is rarely caught on camera as it happens, and it always seems to happen with a crew member standing suspiciously close to the alleged activity.


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