Friday, May 13, 2016

Legend Of Bigfoot

A tracker hunts the elusive cryptid in this docudrama. After bottle feeding coyote pups, pulling a growling puma from a cave, and incessant, overwrought voiceover narration, a wildlife tracker heads to Alaska to trap bears falsely accused of killing cattle. Meanwhile, bears fish in streams, wild hogs are tied up, and roadrunners and skunks pose for the camera. 700-year old bigfoot hieroglyphs are briefly examined, as well as plaster casts of footprints and Bigfoot hair samples. Suddenly, there are scenic vistas, bear entrails, dodgy foley work, a moose peeing into a hole, and handheld nausea cam decades before it became fashionable. Now we know who to blame. Then, and as if on cue, a guy wearing a Bigfoot costume limps unconvincingly into the forest. Featuring a not-so-special special effect of Bigfoot's eyes glowing in the distance and several instances of ominous cello, The Legend Of Bigfoot is very, very boring, and it plays much like an extended episode of Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

Speaking of wild animals, I reviewed the film Night Of The Wild over at Cultured Vultures. Check it out.

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