Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cathnafola: A Paranormal Investigation

Men talk in the darkness of a ruined Irish mansion and nothing really happens in this paranormal documentary. Built on a long-forgotten battlefield, tragedies, suicide and murder hastened the demise of a once great house. Cathnafola is now ruined, abandoned, over-grown, and reportedly haunted. After receiving footage of a lukewarm paranormal investigation filled with screams, breaths, and shaky-cam, a different group of investigators investigate. Neither are particularly interesting. Cathnafola: A Paranormal Investigation works best when EVPs and ambient nature sounds play over gloomy, atmospheric shots of the collapsing ruin, generating a few tepid chills. Unfortunately, the filmmakers insist on concentrating on the living, to the film's detriment.

Cathnafola: A Paranormal Investigation drags when the men stand around and talk, one of whom is an somewhat unconvincing emphatic clairvoyant, who claims to see things impossible to verify. The film picks up slightly as one of the investigators is stricken with comical terror after being inexplicably touched. After an unfortunate scene of unspectacular spiritual possession which culminates with the clairvoyant sitting in their car, the film ends anti-climatically.

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