Friday, February 3, 2017

The Lobster

Single people must find a romantic partner in 45 days or face being turned into an animal and released into the wild in this absurd dystopian horror/comedy.

Unconscious, tranquilized loners lie on the ground, recently captured during a hunt, as their comrades are placed upon luggage trolleys and loaded into vans. A man smashes his face against a bedside table to bring on a nosebleed to better relate to his potential mate. A woman gives a sincere goodbye stroke to the mane of a golden-haired pony. A couple makes sure they have their marriage papers in order after being confronted by police. Fugitives wearing headphones dance in a dark forest to barely perceptible electronic music.

Ironic and brutal, The Lobster is leisurely paced, and beautifully filmed. It's a quietly horrifying and wryly comic film.

As with my previous reviews, I was going to somehow review The Lobster as a documentary, to comment on the current state of affairs around the world as it becomes the dystopia that has been so often reflected in art, literature, and film. I don't see the point anymore.

It's fine.

While I'm being chased through the forest as I futilely try to resist an incomprehensible, inescapable future that pursues me, why don't you pass the time by checking out my review of the paranormal TV show Rescue Mediums at Cultured Vultures?

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