Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From Nothing, Something

The concept of creativity is examined in this inspirational documentary. Honestly, I'm becoming bored with this whole 'watch a movie review a movie' thing I'm doing this afternoon, so let's get orthogonal, shall we? I have 7 more Cleveland International Film Festival movies to review, and they ain't going to review themselves. So yeah, orthogonal is a word, and it was used in this documentary. It means 'lying at right angles', and in this context it means 'to go off on a tangent'. That's something I know a lot about. My whole life is based on going off on various tangents. Tangent reminds me of Target, and comedienne Maria Bamford was the crazy sale lady for those X-mas commercials, and she's in this movie.

See, it's all connected.

I would totally go to a church called Sex Hole, but it probably wouldn't be as good as it sounds.


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