Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Independent Shorts Program 10

The Cleveland International Film Festival ending like forever ago and I still haven't finished reviewing the films I watched. I'm afraid I'm going to grow tired of reviewing them (I have) and forget what they were about (It's happened). 

More Than Winning

Man and beast race to the death in this droll animated short. How could you not love a crudely drawn squid with a pistol?

Even Me

Even Me is a sobering short film about the growing HIV epidemic among minorities over 50. Thankfully, the people interviewed for this documentary were very funny, so it wasn't as dreary as it could have been. 

A woman switches bodies in an attempt to keep her job in this futuristic short film. Well acted and having some impressive special effects, Advantageous conveys the desperation of a corporate figurehead who could potentially lose her job to someone younger. It was a little on the sudsy side, though.

This Is Lipstick

A man attempts to keep his cross-dressing a secret in this corn-obsessed short film. It was humorous and had a slight twist at the end. Sorry, there doesn't seem to be a trailer.


A homeless entertainer tries to reconnect with a woman from his past in this animated short film. I liked it, but it seemed to run a little long.
David's Tour

A picturesque tour of Rome is derailed by a tour group leader's failed romance in this romantic short film. David's tour was sweet and funny, but the real star of the movie was Rome itself.

Would You Be Kind To Leave, Sir?

A homeless man eats at a fancy restaurant in this short French film. Well shot and acted, Would You Be Kind To Leave, Sir was my favorite of the Independent Shorts Program #10.

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