Thursday, February 6, 2014

Aquarium For Your Home

As you are probably aware, I had a little difficulty last month where the water pipes in Deathrage Towers burst causing, destruction throughout the building. I called Aquaman for help, and he refused, stating it didn't seem like a 'fish-related emergency' (see post entitled "Cold Snap").

Fine, Aquaman. Be that way, you big fishy jerk. Just to be on the safe side, I decided to invest in some home-owner's insurance, and by "invest in home-owner's insurance" I mean invest in a saltwater fish tank to be certain next time my pipes burst I can call on Aquaman for help, well, because fish.

After doing the research on what it takes to set up and care for a 100-gallon tank full of exotic salt-water fish, I decided against it. I really can't have living things needing my constant attention in order to survive, I dislike things swimming around vacantly in a circle, and it seems to be extremely expensive and a lot of work. Did you know exotic saltwater fish need to be fed, like, every single day? I know! I don't think I can manage that, you know, because bad movies.

Just to be certain I am not in the market for a 100-gallon saltwater fish tank filled with exotic saltwater fish, I watched Aquarium For Your Home: Saltwater Reef. Wow, was that movie boring! No character development, no plot, no humor, no drama. It's just fish, swimming vacantly around in a circle. I did like the character of the sea anemone. He seems like the strong, stoic, silent type.

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