Friday, February 6, 2015

America Unearthed/Shaun Ryder On UFOs

I still have about a dozen reviews that I haven't finished yet. I've been somewhat busy illustrating my next book, which may or may not be called Stabford Deathrage Goes To Hell: High School Reunion, and by 'illustrating' I mean 'poorly scribbling', so I haven't had time to finish those reviews, and by 'busy illustrating my next book', I really mean 'watching conspiracy television programs on Netflix'. I don't have time to watch TV, and people often try to convince me to watch some new program, but that eats into my movie watching which I already don't have time for. Therefore, I decided to watch America Unearthed, which is a show about a forensic geologist who investigates the history of the United States by looking at rocks. It's just awful, so of course I watched every episode. Scott Wolter travels around the country checking out slabs of rock someone carved symbols into and believing every single one is authentic, and meanwhile I'm scrambling to check Wikipedia to see if these things are real or phony. Mr. Wolter never saw a conspiracy theory he didn't like, so he's an awful lot like an Agent Mulder for rocks. Wolter really, really, really wants to believe.

Speaking of rocks, I watched a couple of episodes of the British docu-series Shaun Ryder On UFOs.

Shaun Ryder (5' 8") was the lead vocalist for the band Happy Mondays.

Although once compared by Factory Records owner Tony Wilson to the poet W. B. Yeats, Ryder was somewhat unflatteringly portrayed in the film 24 Hour Party People.

Due to his infamous reputation, I tuned in to Shaun Ryder On UFOs merely to see if Ryder would either smoke crack or pull a gun on someone. Surprisingly enough, Ryder was relatively well-spoken, charming, and a little more skeptical than Scott Wolter.

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