Wednesday, February 11, 2015


A warrior from the Ming Dynasty is defrosted in this Donnie Yen action film. Thrilling, expensive, and incredibly cheesy, Iceman features spectacular stunts, thrilling acrobatics, impressive martial arts, and beautiful scenes of Hong Kong, but these moments are bogged down in a convoluted plot that drags in the middle. It's almost as though the film-makers attempted to American Blockbuster-ize a Shaw Brothers period film. During an impressive battle sequence where a cast of hundreds on horseback are engulfed in an avalanche, someone jumps on an awkwardly CGI'd shield and cheezily snowboards. Then someone rambles on about a Golden Wheel Of Time that's powered by Shiva's lingam, a crap-filled toilet explodes, and there's a scooter/Lamborghini/horse chase on a bridge. Meh.

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