Friday, December 11, 2015

Dark Star: H. R. Giger's World

The career and home life of the late artist is examined in this documentary. Given a human skull at the tender age of 6, Giger would drag it behind him down the street by a string. I'm not certain if that had any influence on him at all. His album cover artwork with Dead Kennedys, Celtic Frost, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer is shown, including 1970s footage of the artist airbrushing one of his pieces. The ongoing battle to manage his paperwork and film royalties is compelling, and considering the state of his home, it seems like a monumental task. His cluttered, cobweb-filled, labyrinthine house, with its walls painted black and covered with floor-to-ceiling paintings of alchemical symbols and woman/machine hybrids, and a bathtub overflowing with books, it's really the star of the show. His shady garden of ivy, a miniature train running through it, is a close second.

Unfortunately there's no sign of his Oscar for Alien anywhere.

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