Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October on TCM

In between scoops of cheesy popcorn, handfuls of Halloween Oreos, and clips of dark ambient group Deathprod, I watched a few films on TCM.

I like music that sounds like it's crawling out from under the bed.

Anyway, yes, I know we got rid of the Dish several years ago, but Mrs. Deathrage needed to watch the Olympics. I find sports to be extremely inconveniencing. Since the Olympics ended, we forgot we had the Dish. Someone on Twitter mentioned that TCM was showing monster movies during October, so I put everything off to watch some movies I've already seen.

Although slow to get started, The Curse Of Frankenstein reboots the iconic monster successfully thanks to the addition of a bit of gore. The reveal of the monster's hideously scarred face still shocks.

The Curse Of Frankenstein's sequel is far less successful, mostly due to the lack of Christopher Lee as the monster and few scares.

Atmospheric and with a fog budget in the tens of dollars, Horror Hotel features witches, hooded acolytes, ritual sacrifice, and a gender-reversed Resurrection Mary. The ending is rushed and doesn't make a lot of sense, but its foggy, cobweb-strewn occultism is surprisingly fun.

I have a love-hate relationship with Horror Express. It's pretty much The Love Boat, only it takes place on a speeding train, as a 2 million year-old human/alien fossil runs amok. Victims bleed from the eyes, their brains are boiled within their skulls until they are smooth, and Telly Savages gargles. It's just awful, but it fills me with a nostalgia for drive-in theater triple features.

Mrs. Deathrage complained while watching this speculative documentary, saying that it was dumb, that I wasn't really paying attention to it, and that it was ineptly photographed, which sounds like a solid review to me.

Speaking of solid reviews check out my review of the book Little Blue Truck's Halloween over at Winkbooks.


And I said some silly things about the speculative documentary Bigfoot from 1997.


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