Tuesday, August 14, 2012

21 Jump Street

The Olympics are finally over. Thank goodness. I don't care for the sports. To paraphrase Marge Simpson, "Sports are none of my business.". However, I do like watching little-seen Olympic past-times like badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, trampolining, and synchronized swimming, because I don't think the average beer-guzzling, tail-gating, jersey-wearing, gigantic foam finger-waving sports-fan considers these events actual sports. By no means am I disparaging these events. The physical prowess of the athletes participating in these events at the Olympics has been superhuman, and the determination, talent, and sportsmanship on display has been awe-inspiring. Only by calling these events something other than sports can I allow myself to view any of them, and IMO viewing them once every four years is plenty. The Olympics are eating into valuable movie screening time. Mrs. Deathrage watches hours of the Olympics, Oldest Child Deathrage watches hours of The Office, I have almost no access to the TV, and I have lost all control of my life for the past few weeks.

After visiting the local big-box home improvement retailer because she wants to build a replica of Stonehenge out of small brown landscaping bricks which is a thing people do, Mrs. Deathrage said, "Can we watch a movie?". I enthusiastically said, "Of course!", to which she said, "No, I mean a good one.", and naturally I said, "Probably not.". She decided on 21 Jump Street because she watched the television show the film is based on and because it has Channing Tatum in it, which has me confused as I didn't know she knew who he was as I don't really know who he is and I'm only mentioning him in order to drive page-views. Apparently, she does, and apparently, he's an actor.

Like I said, 21 Jump Street is based on the television series I didn't watch from the distant past, and it's witty and self-aware. It turns every buddy/cop/high school cliche on its head, and I enjoyed that for awhile. It became a little wearying, though. Still, 21 Jump Street was charming and entertaining. I pay-per viewed it. Here's a trailer:

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