Tuesday, August 21, 2012

At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul

It's only 71 days until the most wonderful time of the year. No, not THAT holiday (bah humbug), but Halloween. Someone should enact legislation substituting every sucky holiday with Halloween. Instead of St. Patrick's day, we'll have Halloween, and everyone can dress in orange and drink pumpkin ale. Instead of Valentine's Day, we'll have Halloween, and everyone can eat chocolate and not feel depressed because they're single. And instead of that dreadful mess on December 25th, we can carve pumpkins and not spend every cent we have because pumpkins are only 25 cents a pound and a couple of bags of Halloween candy only costs you about 3 bucks each. Instead of caroling those terrible songs, we can trick or treat. So we can have a whole year of Halloween because every other holiday sucks. It's settled. I'm a genius.

Speaking of geniuses, I watched At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, which is a movie where our hero Coffin Joe lurks around Brazil wearing a top hat and cape. He dislikes superstition, values intelligence, and believes he is superior to others; which are qualities I can sympathize with. His only drawback is that he has ridiculously long grody fingernails and occasionally kills people in a gruesome manner, but no one's perfect. So, like any good Halloween movie; there's skulls, candelabras, screaming, cackling, thunder and lightning, drownings, hangings, severed fingers, and gouged eyeballs. I watched At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul on Youtube. Here's a trailer:

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