Monday, January 6, 2014

Good Ol' Freda

The story of the shy, unassuming secretary who became the secretary and fan club president to the Beatles is outlined in this excellent documentary. Featuring fantastic photos of the Beatles performing in the Cavern Club prior to their worldwide success and lots of lovely anecdotes, Freda Kelly is so warm, adorable and engaging that I could have watched her all day. Much of the documentary consists of Freda sitting on her couch, and she couldn't have been more riveting. Where to begin? The fact she saw the Beatles perform in the Cavern Club 190 Times? The fact she gave her home address out as the fan club address and received thousands of letters a day? Eating egg and chips with Ringo's mum? Gathering up bits of Beatle hair from the barber to send to adoring fans? Freda Kelly demonstrated an astonishing level of professionalism and dedication to the band, and let's not forget her dedication to their millions of fans around the world.

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