Monday, May 11, 2015

Burke And Hare

The infamous grave robbing murderers sell bodies for dissection while medical students cavort with prostitutes in this dull drama. Featuring inappropriately chipper TV-sitcom music, lots of tri-cornered hats, many plunging necklines, and a persistent microphone shadow during the roast beef scene, nothing much really happens in Burke And Hare, and by 'nothing much happens' I really mean 'the persistent microphone shadow makes another appearance during the stew scene, and maybe it keeps doing that because the boom operator needs a lunch break'. A grown man doing a little role play as a naughty schoolboy gets half-heartedly threatened with a caning by a not-particularly-enthusiastic hooker, and then the brothel catches on fire and a great deal of screen time is devoted to it. I was particularly pleased this happened because it meant that something finally happened. Unfortunately, this film isn't called "The Night During The 19th Century When The Brothel Caught On Fire Because An Unenthusiastic Hooker Was Involved In A Little Unconvincing Light Bondage", it's called "Burke And Hare", and it doesn't seem to have much grave robbing in it.

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