Thursday, April 30, 2015

Encounters Of The Spooky Kind 2

Torch-wielding villagers chase a hopping vampire in this kung-fu horror film. The hopping vampire smokes something suspicious from a pipe, then he forces his potential victims to get their smoke on, too. Then there's some vampiric kung fu. Someone gets their pants stolen, and someone puts a bug in some soup. A flying female ghost grifts another guy for some soup, and I start to wonder if maybe they should have called this movie Encounters Of The Soupy Kind. Then there's some unusually long arms, a bunch of broken vases, and a yoyo kung fu battle. In a particularly memorable moment, someone shoves a fistful of beetles into a corpse's mouth, which was pretty cool but very brief. Then there's about 45 minutes of flying, jumping, punching, flipping, and spinning. There's more bugs and leeches, and someone kisses a piglet. Unfortunately there's seems to be very little in the way of spooky things.

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