Monday, April 6, 2015

Three Days Of The Condor

In Three Days Of The Condor, Robert Redford plays a CIA employee who runs out for a sandwich and returns to the office to discover his fellow CIA employees have been murdered in an outlandish plot to invade a Middle Eastern country for oil when gas prices were 57 cents per gallon. Seriously, who would believe such a yarn? You can't buy diddly-squat for 57 cents. A Snickers bar runs about 89 cents. And don't try to confuse me with perfectly reasonable plot justifications and math, because when adjusting for inflation $.57 actually equals $2.49, and we've had several wars in the Middle East that may or may not have anything to do with oil at all, and the love scene in Three Days Of The Condor was awkward, because I choose not to listen to reason or love or math for the most part, because reason and love and math all suck. Snickers bars are pretty good, though.

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