Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Below Ground: Demon Holocaust

A horror film-maker documents a vaguely demonic or zombified event but can't seem to focus his camera in this no-budget horror film filmed in someone's basement. Unlikeable characters are holed up together as some sort of not-especially-terrifying terror unfolds in a quiet suburb and they bicker about it for an hour and a half, amidst garish, inconsistent lighting, cardboard boxes, and poor sound quality from the video recorder's built-in microphone, an abrupt and seemingly out-of-place non-diegetic soundtrack that shouldn't be in a found-footage film and doesn't make sense in context, and terrible furnishings, and no one can save them from whatever is out there or the viewer from boredom. Below Ground: Demon Holocaust is somewhat like what would happen if Abraham Zapruder shot Bigfoot footage for an Eric Rohmer zombie film, meaning important things are out of focus, not-so-important things are in focus, everything's fairly grainy, people talk about stuff, and nothing of interest really happens. Below Ground: Demon Holocaust contains very few demons and almost no holocausts. I give props to the film-makers for their DIY spirit, but the props look like they were purchased at a Halloween superstore.

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