Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love In The Time Of Monsters

Sisters on a family vacation must contend with zombies dressed as Bigfoot in this clever, funny horror/comedy. Featuring gore, severed limbs, spinal columns, vomit, melting skin, entrails, zombie moose, and a scientist dressed as Abe Lincoln singing dubstep as he pushes an overhead projector, Love In The Time Of Monsters' compelling characters, snappy dialogue, and good effects keep things interesting when it could have resorted to the laziness of Zombeavers. With a larger than usual cast, the characters seemed fully fleshed out, even with limited screen time. While the zombified woodland creatures seemed less than convincing, I found that aspect charming, adding to the film's comedic nature. I would rather see an unrealistic bloody zombie squirrel puppet than a realistic CGI bloody zombie squirrel any day of the week. With zombie Bigfoot, zombie birds, zombie fish, zombie squirrels, zombie moose, and a guy with electrical powers, the film probably could've cut a few of the many varied menaces to the cast and still kept the story churning along. I liked Love In The Time Of Monsters, and it's worth hunting down.

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