Monday, February 15, 2016

Ghost Cases: The Lion and Swan/Bridestones and Radio Manchester Online/Churchill Mansion

Ghost hunters investigate claims of the paranormal in this somewhat dull TV program.

In the episode entitled Bridestones, the team investigates a neolithic cairn where balls of light have been witnessed, an apparition of a druid has allegedly been seen, and a nude guy claims he had a period of missing time. I would be somewhat suspicious of a nude guy claiming he was missing some time. I experienced a moment of pantless missing time once. It was called the Eighties, but I digress. Anyway, this episode consisted of interviews, shots of equipment set-up, recounting of the haunting, and nothing especially extraordinary happens.

In the segment entitled Manchester Radio Online, a Manchester radio station is investigated where the nylon carpet is filled with negative ions. After checking the wiring, it's found that the station gives off high electromagnetic frequencies, which have been known to cause unease. Again, nothing extraordinary occurs.

In the episode entitled Lion and Swan Hotel, the team investigates a bed that Henry 8th slept in, a cursed painting, and an area of the hotel that was a nightclub in the 70s. Again, there's shots of fiddling around with electronic equipment, taking atmospheric readings and ambient room temps, and quizzically ridiculing a risqué painting. This episode is still pretty dull, but it had an intriguing ending.

And finally, the team investigates the Churchill Mansion, a slightly shabby and eerie bed and breakfast in Canada. Featuring a room with a reported stabbing, claims of doors slamming and chairs rocking by themselves, and a room where no one is allowed to enter, the mansion has more than its fair share of reported paranormal activity. Lottie, a serial stabber, is believed to haunt the mansion, and when her photograph is moved, unusual circumstances allegedly occur. This episode is still pretty dull, but the locale was lively, and one unexplained occurrence happened.

Ghost Cases is an unusual program in that it seems to err on the side of the debunkers, and rarely does anything substantial occur. Unfortunately, that makes for some dull viewing.

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