Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pantry Ghost Documentary

A man records a haunting in his pantry and uploads the footage to Youtube in this paranormal documentary. Every night at 12:34 a.m., a man's pantry door opens by itself. Curious as to the cause of this unexplained phenomenon, he sets up a video camera and captures the event. Upon reviewing the footage, he finds a vague apparition within the glass of the door, angry and straining to be set free from the canned goods. After some experimentation, he removes the door to the pantry, which seems to unleash the haunting to other areas of his home.

Featuring grainy, pixelated footage, The Pantry Ghost Documentary resembles any number of paranormal TV programs, but seemingly computer-generated ghost effects do little to convince. The pacing and editing creates an effective atmosphere, and the simple, absurd storyline manages a slight chill. If developed and produced by The Asylum, I'd watch the heck out of it.

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