Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Hollow

Siblings stay with their aunt on a desolate island haunted by tragic events in this disappointing horror film. After some CGI lightning, Deborah Kara Unger, the siblings' aunt, barely survives an attack from an unseen assailant. Then she doesn't, which makes one wonder why she got top billing. The three orphans bicker and have prophetic dreams as they travel to the island where their aunt lives, and one of the sisters unconvincingly smokes using an inconvenient important-to-the-plot zippo while sitting on the rear bumper of their car as it's parked in the middle of the street. Several people tell them not to go to the island at Halloween when a storm approaches, but they decide to anyway. Suddenly, cliches run rampant, as they have no cell reception and their car runs out of gas. A CGI monster made of sparking, smoldering branches and vines burns its victims alive, leaving smoking holes where their eyes used to be, but surprisingly enough, the magical creature seems to be susceptible to shotgun blast. Some disposable characters hide in an unlikely freezer, the inconvenient zippo makes a reappearance, and someone points at a vague map. Featuring OK makeup, some not-terrible CGI, and creepy sets and locations, The Hollow's whisper of a backstory about witches is unfortunately never expanded upon, which makes one wonder what the point of the film is. Its brave, resourceful female characters carry a fright-free story.

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