Friday, February 19, 2016

The Veil

A filmmaker returns to the scene of a cult's mass suicide in this atmospheric horror film. 47 members of the Heaven's Veil cult kill themselves at the insistence of Thomas Jane's scenery-chewing, charismatic faith healing character, leaving a lone survivor, a 5-year old child. Jessica Alba returns with the now-grown survivor, to the decrepit, creepy compound. Utilizing filters and fog, The Veil is well-lit and shot, with good cinematography. A tense and quiet film, it's occasionally punctuated by unnecessary jump scares, and reliance on cliches such as the lack of cellphone coverage, a suspiciously functional 25-year old generator, and slasher-film elements near the end mar an intriguing paranormal script. The locations and sets were also good, particularly the crumbling buildings of the overgrown, mossy compound. I found myself not hating The Veil, surprisingly enough.

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