Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Blog and a Half

Here's the problem with blogging...it's important to have something to say. Right this very minute, that's the one thing I don't have. But I hope to in the future. I'd like to talk about the stuff I like, the stuff I don't, show interesting photos of the places I go, maybe a feature snapshot or two of the meals I'm eating. Possibly bitch and complain a little. Say outrageous and absurd things. Do exactly the thing I sometimes do on Facebook, only without the 240 some-odd character restrictions. I also hope to do something that other bloggers don't do, but I don't know what that is quite yet. I'm hoping that I find an original voice within me and that people think that I have something worthwhile to say, that someone says, "Hey, thanks for telling me about that thing I didn't know about, that cool place to go, that delicious dish you told me to try, that terrible movie you told me to watch that I now love, or that new rock combo I never heard before but now can't live without". We'll see.

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