Sunday, December 26, 2010

I watch terrible movies so you don't have to #4: Dunwich Horror

A dude with a distracting mustache bewitches people with his eyelids. Suddenly, the Necronomicon makes an appearance, and everything gets all Lovecrafty. Half-naked hippies adorned with face-paint cavort in close-up before a fish-eye lens. Then, as if by magic, there are more false eyelashes and corduroy jackets than you can shake a stick at. All in all, an interesting early 70's artifact. Some other highlights include occulty gibberish, a dog that is not Lassie lip-syncing Lassie, a not-important-to-the-plot cattle stampede, a very brief angry mob-scene, the same stock lightning footage that was in the film Blood Bath, a writhing Sandra Dee, and last but definitely not least, a few groovy freaked-out technicolor Cthulu rampages. While I'm not going to go as far as recommending it, I wouldn't exactly stop you from watching it. On Netflix Instant Streaming.

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