Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green For Danger: A Good One #28

A mannered British noir wartime medical mystery where doctors and nurses talk and talk and talk, and sometimes things explode but not often enough. Plot: A guy ends up murdered and someone's responsible. Interesting camera work and a witty performance by Alastair Sim keep things moving along, but sometimes actors who are not Alastair Sim (or Trevor Howard, for that matter) have that terrible habit of staring off into the distance and melodramatically emoting in a fashion often confused with acting. And I know London was bombed by V1 bombers and had to undergo regular blackouts, but couldn't the folks in this movie turn on a light every once in a while? It is a hospital after all. Watching this film's an awful lot like watching the X-Files, only it's further back in time and lacking in UFOs and flashlights. Anyway, I thought this movie was alright, I just kept thinking I'd rather watch Trevor Howard in Brief Encounter. Green For Danger, The X-Files and Brief Encounter are all on Netflix Instant Streaming and it wouldn't hurt you to check 'em out.

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