Monday, March 28, 2011

Mole Men Against The Son Of Hercules: Terrible Movies #87

The Son Of Hercules (a.k.a. Maciste, who's strangely never really mentioned as being ol' Herc's son) drags a harpooned whale to shore for no reason because that's just what needed to happen. Then he's attacked by dudes on horseback who look an awful lot like the Grand Poobah from the Flintstones after an unfortunate laundry bleaching accident. Ol' Son O' Herc is captured, and he's forced to turn a huge drill with hundreds of extras. There's escapes and recaptures, a little wrestling, and at some point he's supposed to fight a 'fierce beast' in a rickety wooden cage, (which looks a lot like a guy in a chimp suit) while outrageously head-dressed extras look on. A washed-out, sepia-toned, and dubbed bore. On Netflix Instant Streaming.

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