Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teenagers From Outer Space: Terrible Movies #83

Two astronomers observe a corkscrew shaped flying saucer through their telescope, and you can tell they're astronomers because one wears gigantic spectacles and the other wears a phony Van Dyke beard. The UFO lands, causing a dog to bark. An alien peeks out and shoots the dog with a laser, causing it to collapse into a pile of dog-shaped bones. The aliens climb out of the ship (which now is oddly reminiscent of Jiffy-Pop), and you can tell they're aliens because they're overly Brylcreemed, carry luggage, and wear matching jumpsuits that look a little like they are in an early 80's Canadian synth-rock band. Like this, perhaps:

The aliens then nitpick one another until one gets fed up and escapes. The remaining aliens then reveal their plan to unleash lobsters upon the unsuspecting Earth, acting as if they're Kang and Kodos starring in Much Ado About Nothing. The escaping alien heads into town, instantly falls in love with the dead dog's owner, somehow rents a room in their boarding house, and meets several other "teenagers", who have all missed being a teenager by a good decade and a half. Many unintentionally comedic things happen. People say things like, "Golly!", "Take heed!", "Holy Mackerel!", "focusing disintegrator", and "I can't work in a place where this kind of thing happens.". It's sometimes hard to tell if it's day or night. The camera and crew can often be seen in reflective surfaces. And lastly, special effects consists of using a disintegrator-shaped flashlight and throwing a skeleton. Amazingly bad, LOL-inducing, and highly recommended if you like stuff that sucks. I watched it on Hulu, and you can watch it below.

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