Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Is The End

Celebrities have an all-male sleepover and cookout in this documentary. I would think with all the money James Franco has, he would have been able to afford more than one Milky Way. I'm pretty sure they have a Costco in Los Angeles, so he could have bought a case or two in case of a Milky Way emergency. I'm not one to tell celebrities how to live their lives, but he shouldn't recklessly spend all his money on art, and should try and keep more Capri Suns in the house for Michael Cera. That guy seems awfully thirsty. Plus, you never can tell when an air-conditioning unit will fall on the clerk at the convenience store, so you should stock up in case strange things like that happen. He lives in Los Angeles, after all, and odd things happen there all the time.

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