Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Field In England

Deserters during the English Civil War eat a psychedelic mushroom stew and have a 17th century freakout in a misty field in this avant-garde black-and-white film. Featuring beautiful, painterly cinematography, an eerie, foreboding score, and an inscrutable, metaphysical script; A Field In England is very slow-moving and in the style of experimental filmmakers Kenneth Anger, Derek Jarman, and Peter Greenaway. It is categorized as a horror film, but those hoping for a Stuart Period costumed torture-porn bloodbath may be disappointed by the wordy historical drama with clinical male nudity and an inexplicable tug-of-war that it actually is. However, viewers searching for an Eraserhead-like, alchemical puzzler will be rewarded by a cryptic, stroboscopic ending.

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