Sunday, July 6, 2014

Body Care And Grooming (1948)

For those inhabiting a human body for the first time, the hygiene film Body Care And Grooming from 1948 is an indispensable primer for the care of your host. Whether this is your first demonic possession or if you're a seasoned pro, Body Care And Grooming will help you avoid some common pitfalls associated with the upkeep of the human body. As a reminder, humans are complex organic mechanisms, and their disgusting outer shells are often in need of cleaning, repair, and decoration. Please remember to wear clothing, and modern, up-to-date styles are preferred. For instance, human males feel human females have no worth if their hair is unkempt, or if their bobby socks are loose, droopy, and slide down their legs. This is of particular importance to incubi and succubi, as humans dislike mating with unattractive humans who have no regard for current fashion. Also, humans need to excrete waste on a regular basis, so try to avoid using other human's toilet articles. And finally, wash the host's hair at least once every two weeks whether it needs it or not, and adding a touch of lemon juice is preferred. Following the rules laid out in the informative film Body Care And Grooming will allow you to continue inhabiting your host for many years with little fear of being discovered and exorcised, or until the End Of Days, whichever comes first.

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