Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Demonic Toys

Toys come to life to kill some criminals, I think, in this low-budget horror film. After an extended chase scene and some unconvincing gunplay which culminates in an abandoned toy factory that requires 24-hour security and late-night chicken dinner deliveries, a criminal slowly dies illuminated in an uncanny beam of light. His blood then causes some unappealing toys to inexplicably come to life for some reason, and it's no wonder the toy factory went out of business. Then a clown jack-in-the-box chews his face off, which is actually pretty sweet. After some wooden acting which is punctuated by histrionics, the lead singer of Four Non Blondes climbs out of a heating duct. I'm not sure why. Then there's a continuity defying torn shirt. After a whole bunch of uninteresting movie, a guy causes a car with a giant chicken of top of it to explode via a flaming teddy bear.

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