Monday, March 16, 2015

The Ouija Experiment

Five crashing bores fool around with a Ouija board with predictable results in this derivative found footage horror film. After several yawn-inducing interviews with potential Ouija victims, some distracting auto-focus, and uninspiring wood-paneled decor, the rules of Ouija are laid out in a ham-fisted manner, and the characters immediately break them all. You're probably going to find this hard to believe, but watching people play with a Ouija board is really, really boring, and watching them bicker about their love lives and forcing uninteresting spirits to give them relationship advice through a Ouija board like an otherworldly Dear Abby is even more so. I'm ashamed to say I jumped at one moment due to a motion-detector activated talking Halloween decoration in close-up, and I may never forgive myself. I did enjoy the brief moment of backstory near the end which has better acting and camerawork, but the final few moments of the film are totally botched with more shaky cam, a scene that blatantly rips off the Blair Witch Project, and an unconvincingly knife-wielding spirit. Meh.

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