Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blood Of The Man Devil

Featuring discussions of demons, witchcraft, and werewolves, three dance routines, lengthy periods of chanting, Lon Chaney and John Carradine wearing robes, incessantly croaking frogs, and very few man devils, Blood Of The Man Devil bores. Amidst camera shadows, a couple of skulls appear, but it's nothing to write home about and doesn't seem to support the plot. Lon wears some phony horns for some reason and then he disappears in a puff of smoke, and I wished the film would, too.

Whoa, man. Thanks to the trailer, I just realized Lon Chaney WAS the Man Devil. No kidding! Where I come from everyone wears horns, so it's no big deal, really. You learn something new every day, I guess, especially when it comes to man devils.

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