Thursday, March 12, 2015


A tiny, hovering head suspended by strings wants 50,000 molecular ions for some reason, and a tiny cop with a gun that inexplicably explodes people into large chunks isn't having it in this dreary low-budget film. After traveling 10,000 light years to the distant planet of the South Bronx from a galaxy where Ray-Bans are common, we get an awkward walking-across-the-street montage that lasts longer than it really should and features more candles and hookers than it ought to. Then a tough single mother takes on some drug dealers in her neighborhood, and her neighborhood seems to be an abandoned industrial area with almost no apartments. After a lot of rear projection and forced perspective, Jackie Earle Haley shows up, and he's a lot better in this film than it deserves.


  1. I've frequently wondered if watching this was worth my time and sanity. Judging by your review, I guess not.

  2. I traded my sanity for a handful of Reese's Pieces back in the 80s. I don't think that information is going to be very helpful.