Monday, August 3, 2015

Bigfoot's Reflection

The elusive, hirsute, bipedal creature is discussed in this cryptozoological documentary. Featuring intriguing interviews from eyewitnesses with scientific backgrounds, Bigfoot's Reflection balances the outlandish and the skeptical, which was ultimately disappointing to me because I wanted to tear into this film like a stoner tears into a package of beef jerky.

Bigfoot's Reflection was surprisingly free of overt wackiness except for one dude wearing a Bigfoot bolo tie, and one guy brought up a good point that convincing Bigfoot evidence hasn't really increased in spite of technological advances. Another guy asks a valid question in wondering who would go to the effort to plant a phony Bigfoot track under a bush on a desolate mountaintop, and I can certainly agree with that because you can't get potstickers and a quart of vegetable fried rice delivered to a mountaintop, so why the heck should anyone go there? Seriously, the wilderness is a terrible, dirty, mosquito-filled, Chinese food delivery-free nightmare, and if Bigfoot is content to live in it despite being miles from the nearest Starbucks, well, let him live there in peace. I think it's a really bad idea, but whatever. If man or man-like creatures were meant to live amongst trees and bushes and bugs and crap without access to the occasional venti iced soy Caramel Macchiato, then someone would have built a Home Depot there by now. How else would you be able to get hedge clippers or citronella candles? Anyway, I truly hope that no one ever disproves the existence of Bigfoot, because he seems like a pretty funny guy in all those commercials.

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