Saturday, August 15, 2015


Alien goblin puppets grant unconvincingly wild fantasies as they try to kill 30-year old teenagers in this low budget horror/comedy that currently sits at #68 on IMDB's Bottom 100. After a young security guard enters a bank vault, he awkwardly dances on a stage set up for some tepid rock-n-roll, but he falls down and dies for some reason. A cast member makes a phone call to a sex line and he probably shouldn't have, then 2 other cast members fight with rakes for about a month.

Suddenly, after about 6 more months of movie, 4 unconvincing hobgoblin puppets take a golf cart for a joy ride. Then a cast member dressed like Cyndi Lauper rolls around with a hobgoblin puppet on the front lawn. After about 7 more years of movie, a hooker in gold satin pants tries to push a car over a cliff. Then the cast drives to Club Scum, where we realize these characters are the biggest squares in town, and an unconvincing nudity-free striptease lasts about 300 years. Then all of the extras explode, someone is engulfed in flames, and there's an unconvincing and very brief nunchuck battle.

I wouldn't call Hobgoblins the worst film I've ever seen, but it's pretty awful. However, considering a budget of $15,000, it's still pretty awful.

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