Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Out Of The Dark

Stephen Chow stars in this Shaw Brothers comedy-horror film about an escaped mental patient who accidentally becomes a ghost hunter. After someone is hit in the head by a falling suitcase filled with bras, a rape joke, and a sodomy joke, a possessed TV chases someone around the house, then someone gets hit in the balls by a lightning bolt. A ghost gets her severed head kicked down a flight of stairs, and she's fairly nonchalant about the whole thing. Someone gets stabbed, and a woman dresses in a red dress and falls off the top of a building in the hope of becoming a poltergeist. After her fall, she's resuscitated by getting hit in the heart by a hammer, then she decides to shoot herself several times. She's resuscitated again by an electrical cord from a soda machine, then she's stabbed in the head. After someone decides against kissing a transvestite, someone gets feces wiped on their face, and then someone gets their teeth blown out of their mouth from dynamite. Everyone then wears blue ghost-viewing eyeshadow made from cows' tears, and there's a dramatic dolly zoom. A malfunctioning microwave oven causes bananas to foam, a guy's skin to bubble, and a woman's breasts to explode, but it was only a ghost-induced hallucination, I think. Then someone leaves their appendix on a desk. Someone throws a durian and slingshots some Malteasers, then a ghost is captured in plastic wrap and someone is killed with a chainsaw. After someone attempts to saw through some bamboo with a pair of fingernail clippers, the cast flies above the city while wearing magical newspaper hats, which means this was a fairly humorous, well-made, and appropriately wacky Shaw Brothers film.

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